Online Dispute Resolution


Arbitrator Renée Mayne is educated and trained to preside at online dispute resolution (ODR) cases.  When ODR is preferred or required by the parties, Arbitrator Mayne will convene labor and employment arbitration and factfinding hearings by video conference. The hearing can occur on an ODR platform that the parties agree upon, provided that Arbitrator Mayne has confidence it will meet the requirements for a full evidentiary hearing.  If the parties ask Arbitrator Mayne to host the hearing, she will use the Zoom platform.

As a mediator, Renée Mayne will mediate labor and employment disputes through ODR platforms, including video conference, teleconference, and email.


To prepare for a mediation session, or arbitration or factfinding hearing, Renée Mayne will schedule a conference on the parties' preferred platform.  After listening to the parties' requirements for the proceeding, Arbitrator and Mediator Mayne will provide the parties with a written outline of the proceeding in advance of the meeting date. 


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